Saturday, December 13, 2008

Our Gingerbread Christmas

This weekend we started the Gingerbread Houses. This is something that we do nearly every year. Here is Trisha's house. I didn't get mine finished because I didn't get it baked.

No, Trish is not eating the M&Ms. It just looks that way. But then, what is wrong with eating chocolate.

We picked up the toys to donate to Toys for Tots. This is our favorite holiday charity and it has given us a chance to shop for things for kids when we did not have any children for gift giving. I bought a baby doll that, when you push on her tummy, she talks and cries, etc. We also got a Barbie who has a dog and lots of accessories to play with. For the boys we got a Yellow bulldozer and an emergency car playset.

Glitter Words
[ - *Glitter Words*]

Today I am grateful for my daughter. She doesn't hear it often enough, but she brings joy to my life. I enjoyed the day with her today making the gingerbread. It brought the joy of the season into our lives and gave me the desire to have a Christmas Holiday.

We did get our Nativity out. So for Christmas is the Nativity, one Santa, and China (the panda bear) dressed as a Christmas elf.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Let us all start the week as a new life. Reinvent yourself and find the joy in every day.

Find the joy. Live the Joy. Grin until you feel it.