Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What a Life!

I have decided that this is the start of a new life. Next week I will be starting a new job in that I will be working from home. This is the beginning, the opportunity to start a new chapter, to be able to choose exactly how to spend each day and decide what needs to be completed each moment. Oh, to decide what is most important to me. There are so many different projects that I would like to attempt.

So many choices and so many chances. What would be best. What would be the most fun. What would satisfy me the most?

As for me, making bread in the morning is the first project. The last loaf was a little bit heavy, so wish me luck.


Jodi said...

Hi Rose! This template is so cute!
I love it!
Thanks for entering! As for adding a link what you do is:
In the post you are writing you will see a little green world symbol with a link on it. Click on it and then you paste my blog address in it. BUT even before you do that you will need to write something like:
Go here to enter.

Highlight the word here and THEN click on the little linky thing. When you paste my address it will automatically link to me when someone clicks on the word here.

Did that make any sense? Clear as mud? Let me know if you need help!

I want to know where you got the cute REACTION things at the bottom of your posts! Way cool!

Rose said...

THanks. I just picked a bunch of apples so as soon as they are done I will get that done.