Friday, May 22, 2009

Weekend at Wendover

This week Christine was down so Dell and I were able to get away without our beloved puppy.... or DOG if you prefer. We got a good room at Peppermill. They have a mini suite that can be had for $70 on weekdays. We went to the Rainbow for their buffet. I had chow mein and kung po chicken. It was good, but a bit too spicey this time. Dell had fried chicken, which he enjoyed too. But the "Top It Off" was the desert. they had Horns filled with the most wonderful whipped cream stuff, and then they had dipped it into a chocolate that made it come out like a Brown Topper. For those of you not from Utah and Idaho, they take an ice cream cone and dip it into chocolate and it ends up with a hard coating of chocolate. It was wonderful.

The next day we drove around Wendover and toured what we could of the Wendover Air Base. This is what the base looks like now. It is quite run down and many of the building's roofs are falling in, which is such a shame. With all of the condos and apartments, it is too bad that they have not remodeled more of those barracks instead of letting them fall into the ground.

Anyway, we had lots of fun. I want to thank Christine for taking care of my dog, Bear.

You see, when she came home Wednesday night, he was wandering around the neighborhood. We had him on a new cable with a good, heavy snap lock, but I guess he managed to get himself off of it. Or else someone let him loose. I am so thankful to her finding him, because I would miss him lots.

We would miss this puppy lots if he were to get lost.

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moecleo said...

I love this puppy so much.