Saturday, July 11, 2009

Broken Arms

What is it like to have a broken arm?

One broken arm is awful.  You cannot move it and it hurts so you take pain pills, so you cannot drive, so you are stuck.  I do not know which is worse. The pain or being stuck at home.

So I went to the doctor because the “other” arm was hurting so badly. And after poking around a bit, finding the sore spots. And sure enough. The arm was broken.  So then I got 2 splints.  The good thing is that I can take them off from time to time when I am resting or watching TV. Unfortunately they have to stay on when I sleep.

Unfortunately I have not been able to mail my pincushion, and for that I deeply apologize. It will be off on Monday.

But I am feeling better and hope to be better soon.

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1 comment:

Christine said...

We really missed you at the shower. Everyone just went home!

I'll be posting about it in a few minutes with some pictures so besure to take a look!

I hope you feel better and better!