Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bear Ran Away Again

Saturday was Peach Days in here Brigham City.  And this year we decided to go to the Parade.  Now, the parade starts at 10:00 in the morning.  So off we went. 


Isn’t he cute.  How could he ever do anything wrong?

But first….  Bear (the dog) went outside before anyone got dressed to “do his business”.  Then, right before we left, we brought him inside. 

Now, bear is a Chow/Husky mix.  And quite possessive.  And quite vocal about the whole thing.  So we are very careful.  And he is quite strong.  I am no longer able to hold onto the leash when he runs away. 

So now, whenever he moves from the house to the to his chain in the backyard, there is a rope that I use.  One end is hooked to the chain outside and the other end is hooked to his collar.  That way, when he decides to chase a cat I do not risk him running away or getting someone else’s pet.

Now here’s the problem….  If the cable hooked to Bear’s collar is not shut “under” the door when you leave, but into the “side” of the door, bear has figured out how to open the door.  Bad Dog!! Bad Dog!! Bad Dog!!

So today when we got back from the parade the back door was open.  And there was Bear.  Grinning at us and wagging that bushy little tail. 

So, how do you get angry with a dog who, while he may have left, he did come back.  And he is so very cute. 

What’s a girl to do??@??##?

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Christine said...

For all he knows, you didn't even know that he left. You can't get mad!!!