Thursday, July 29, 2010

Swimm ing with Sharon

This coming weekend, July 31, There will be a Ray Rasmussen Family reunion.  Lorna and her family have organized this get-together.  Fortunately, and unfortunately, the water pump on Lorna’s car went out on the freeway near Honeyville, Utah.  What that meant, was lat night I got to spend the evening with Lorna, Sharon and her daughter, Pauline, her husband (sorry, I am not good with names), and lots and lots of grandkids.  They camped at Crystal Hot Springs in Honeyville.

06 24 10_0343 

First we needed food.  Here is Lorna and Sharon pushing the grocery cart together.  See, I even brought my recycle bags.

06 24 10_0351_edited-1


We went to the local thrift store hoping to find swim suits, but no such luck.  All they had were 2-piece suits, and I am not going there, let alone Sharon.  I could not resist a couple of pop-up books for Sharon.  One is Noah’s Ark, with all of the animals.  The second book was a giant book with Warner Brother cartoon characters as babies.  She loved both.

Polly’s husband grilled chicken for us.  It was the best ever.  Next time they come, I am going to get them to bring a couple of bottles of that sauce.  Dinner could not have been better.

Then we went swimming.

06 25 10_0319_edited-1

Polly and her husband are so great with Sharon.  They helped her “swim” around the pool most of the evening.  Jessica, Morris’ daughter, also took took Sharon a lot.  They went into the cooler pool and swam and bounced for quite some time.  I think Sharon enjoyed it more that me, which is great.

 06 25 10_0323_edited-1 06 25 10_0324_edited-1


Here is Polly, Jessica, Lorna, Sharon (in front) and Polly’s husband (sorry).

06 25 10_0329

This is Jessica, her husband (sorry), their son and another of Lorna’s grandsons (sorry)


06 25 10_0342

At the end of the evening Jessica’s husband helped Sharon out of the pool.  They were standing there enjoying a moment when I rushed over for this picture.  He is such a great kid.

Sorry about the names, I should have written them down.  But I didn’t.  But I could not wait to do this post.

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Christine said...

It looks like you had a great time! I can't wait to see all of you tomorrow!