Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Here I am today

I sit here, alone, in the silence.  Not because I like silence, but because I am doing NOTHING.  Not just staring at the ceiling, or the floor.  I am sitting here on the computer looking at books to download to my MP3.  Not that I need more books.  There are a half-dozen books on that player that I have not listened to yet.  I am collecting books for the future.  Like I am ever going to run out. 
Books are my new CRACK.  It is an addiction for me.  Not a bad addiction, but an addiction none the less. 
I just finished The Hunger Games trilogy, and cannot wait to see the movie.  I may even go the first week, which is not something I usually do.  If you have not read them, get a copy from the library.  Or do what I am doing to feed my addiction.  My public library, Brigham City Public Library, has a Download Center.  From there I can check out many, many books as either e-books or audiobooks.  I love it.  These books are less crack, since listening does not keep my mind as busy as reading.  (I know, that does not make sense.) 
Anyway, contact your library.  They will probably have something similar.  If not, check out books on CD from the library and put them onto your MP3 or IPOD.  You will love it.
Now…  I need to GET BACK TO WORK.

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