Friday, April 24, 2009


Sunday Jackson's Birthday. Jackson is my nephew. Today I made him a Birthday Book. I got the idea from a segment on my favorite morning show. It is a Birthday Book that you have guests sign for his birthday every year.

This is the front cover. The paper was actually 12x12 that I cut to size. Then I had to move the "day" back onto the book because it was off the page.

On Saturday we plan to go to the Hill Air Force Museum, so I put these planes on the first page. Dell and Trish will sign this page too. Just think, when he is old like me, he will have a copy of the handwriting of all of the people who are dear to him.

THis is a picture of Meteor, which is a children's show. It is the theme of his Birthday party this year so I could not pass up putting in this page. Now there is a page for all of his friends to "sign".


Christine said...

I love you book. It turned out sooo cute!

Love ya,

moecleo said...

Such a cute book, I love it too

stROZze said...

I love the book! it's nice and cute. good idea too to have guests to sign every year.. this will be a history book in the future when kid grown up.. May I copy the idea? :)

Your blog layout is beautiful too. You did it by yourself?