Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Don't plant that seed

I am sitting here....
At my desk
Wondering just why
I do what I do.

I hate that the games
waste my day
but here I sit
Sore hand and all

But if I leave
This little room
there is so much work
That needs to be done

So I sit and I sit
But it won't go away I
don't worry a bit
Cause I know it will stay.

My job is my job
It waits just for me
No one else cares
If it let it be

Until someone comes
Then we rush about c
leaning this and clearing that
without any doubt

But the seed always remains
To start over again
And Grandma warned me


Christine said...

I'm loving your little poems lately. I think you might have some snow coming your way. It's been raing here all day and they said on the weather ist's coming towards North Utah. Ick!


Marqueta said...

What a great little poem!

I hope it's spring where you are today.