Thursday, April 8, 2010

Memorial Day

Trish and I went to Grief Group last night. We were followed by one other lady, and it looked like we would be the only attendees. Then Others arrived. That is when we realized just how fortunate we are. One lady’s husband committed suicide. Another died of a lung clot in his 50s with a daughter that is 9 years old.

We did a worksheet that brought lots of tears, but it was cleansing too.

The social worker suggested not avoiding holidays, so i am hereby inviting everyone to my house this Memorial Day. There used to be a get together at the park with all of the family, but I am here and have a great apple tree, so let’s everyone gather and enjoy.

We can reminisce about those who have gone before us. Bring stories and pictures. I will have my printer/copier set up to share.

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