Thursday, August 26, 2010


Yesterday I decided to treat myself. I love sparkling water. I buy cans of sparkling water. For a long time now I have felt like this was a silly waste of money. There had to be a way I could put bubbles in the water from my own tap. And yesterday I did it.

sodastream soda maker I bought a Sodastream Home Soda Maker. It is wonderful. It makes this bottle full of bubbles. You know how sometimes you grab a soda just for the bubbles. I liked sparking water before, but this is great since the cost is about 25 cents (and when did they take the cent sign off the keyboard) a bottle.

And the bubbles last all day. I could not have asked for more. I even bought a sampler of all of their flavors and a bottle of cola flavoring. Right now I am drinking Smith’s store brand, so I guess I am not that picky. It has cola, orange, pete’s choice(Dr. Pepper), root beer, lemon-lime, fountain mist (Dew maybe?), diet cola, diet pink grapefruit, diet lemon-lime, diet root beer, diet cranberry raspberry, and one called energy. I am going to wait to open the flavors for Peach Days, cause that is when the sisters will be coming down for a visit.

I just make another bottle of sparking water. At this rate, I may not drink coke much anymore. Which is quite good, because I would really like to wean myself off caffeine so that it works better when I truly need the boost. Like driving. Driving is hard for me right now. Bear and I know all of the shady spots to take a nap.

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