Thursday, September 16, 2010


It is flooding again at my house. And before you ask….Aug 12 2010_1473

No, the Mantua dam has not broken…

No, a pipe has not broken.

No, we did not have a huge rainstorm.

The neighbor let the water run too long and it has flooded me again. Thankfully Bear wanted to go outside so the basement got no water.

This is between the two garages. It is a river running downhill.

Aug 12 2010_1471

Here is the puddle next to the basement. It is over an inch deep. I cannot get into the back yard without stepping into water.

Bear wanted to walk with me into the back yard, but stopped when he saw the puddle. Bear hates water. A lot. If you spray him with a hose, he will run away.

Aug 12 2010_1475

This is the start of the river between the two garages. This is where I plan to build a dam. Thanks Grandpa. I would not understand the theory about a dam.

Aug 12 2010_1472

And here is my waterfall at the end of the river between the two garages. This is at the front of the garage.

This has been going on periodically most of the summer. It was not so concerning before because it did not get into the basement. Over the past three weeks I have gotten flooded 3 times. It flooded while I was on vacation and I came home to musty, sour laundry on the floor and lots of wet rugs. Thankfully it did not get as far as the family room.

The clothes are now washed and the room no longer smells of mold. I am so thankful that the carpet did not need to be pulled up because it is glued down.

I guess my Truth Teller is here for me today. Because there was noone else home to turn the water off. And I don't want to clean up another mess.


moecleo said...

I will help you build the dam

moecleo said...

I will help you build the dam

moecleo said...

I will help you build the dam

Christine said...

Trisha's going to help three times!!! Do you need three dams?

I'm glad you got it figured out then you will not have to worry anymore!

Rose said...

I had it figured out last year, but I still didn't get the dame built. But I am more determined this year.

Once I get Ruthie's book done..... and my bird going.... and what else?