Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy Halloween

I initially made this Pumpkin for the Mod Podge challenge, but when Life ran over me, i asked my sister, Christine (, to find another place where I could share this cute little fella.  He is just too cute to resist.  I am so excited that she found this Halloween Extravaganza in which I could participate.  Click here to see many, many other talented crafters and what they have to share.


Now, for what I did…. First of all, I probably cheated because I purchased the plastic pumpkin at the thrift store for a buck.

Day 99 Disney day 99 238
Initially I had thought to use the back side painted with chalkboard paint because I had seen that on web sites and it sounded like so much fun.  Then, Christine and I sat down to paint our pumpkins and the chalkboard paint was not so handy, so I went with orange.  Here he is:

Day 99 Disney day 99 263

Since the pumpkin is plastic and craft paint would probably not stick, I Mod podged (yes, that is a verb) the entire pumpkin.  Since I did not have any orange paint and did not want to leave the house, I mixed red and yellow.  This was great because it gave the paint that shaded look.  While in Disneyland a few weeks ago my daughter purchased a Mickey Hat for me to wear at Boo at the Zoo at Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City next weekend and I plopped it onto the guy, not realizing it would match so well.
It is so wonderful, that I plan to carry him when we attend Boo At The Zoo next weekend.

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Christine said...

Oh, he turned out so adorable!!!