Sunday, September 19, 2010


Today was quite the day. First I was out of bed before 8:30 in the morning today, which is quite unusual for me.  Then I took Bear to Logan for a sleep-over and drove semi-frantically back home.  You see, it was 10:15 when I dropped Bear off and I needed to be in Park City to pick up Trish at 12:00 then we needed to be back to the U of U campus for the play at 2:00.

We saw Hamlet.

HamletPosterFINAL76 It was wonderful, although I must admit to falling asleep, I don’t think I missed much because the story still made sense to me.  Anyway, it is full of marrying the brother-in-law (can you say ick), shipping off the son, son is certain father was murdered by Brother-in-law and returns, accuses mother of marrying husband’s murderer, son murder’s mother’s advisor thinking it is brother-in-law, mother’s advisor is son’s girlfriend’s father, son is shipped off because of the murder, son’s girlfriend goes insane over death of father and falls into stream and drowns, brother of girlfriend returns only to find her dead, son returns to call out brother-in-law, instead girlfriend’s brother calls out son, son and girlfriend’s brother have sword fight, brother-in-law (now married to mother) offers son a large pearl if he draws the first blood, boys fight, son draws first blood, brother-in-law drops pearl into wine and tries to get son to drink but he refuses, the boys continue to fight, son skewers brother of girlfriend, mother drinks wine in which brother-in-law dropped pearl except it was poison, mother dies of poison, son skewers brother-in-law… and it think that was the end.

Now are you appropriately confused.  So was I.  To make matters worse, every young man had dark hair and wore a dark suit.  They could at least have different colored wigs or different colored clothing.  Or maybe they could wear name tags.

I did enjoy the play.  I will go again if given the chance.  And I encourage you go attend if you can.  The only thing I would do different is that I would read the cliff notes before attending the play.  That way I would be a lot less confused.

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