Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Okay, I am officially a Facebook junkie.  When I just caught myself reading and replying to who know what, I am not even more determined to stay away.  I am not quite as radical as some, but am attempting to hold off to twice a day.  Guess this means I am done for today.

Life is good right now.  Not that it is terrific.  I still have lots of things to accomplish, but with this newest solution, I hope to never be in this situation again.  EVER!!

Things I have done to help things be better:
  1. Turned off TV.  Permanently.
  2. Turn off lights.  Constantly.  Always.  It makes me wonder why I need so many lights.
  3. Run dishwasher daily.  ACTUALLY, it should be EMPTY dishwasher every night.  I can do this.  It is not hard.  I just needs to be what I do every night, like taking my pills.  I needs to be the thing that I do to live.  Not because you need clean dishes to live.  Clearly, you do not.  BUT you need to have the results of this action to truly enjoy LIFE.  And that is what I wish for myself.
  4. So, what else.  Laundry, floors, car, lawn, weeds.  There are so many things that it is impossible to prioritize.  So choose.  Do one thing each day.  LIFE will be better because that one task is finished.  I CAN DO THIS.

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