Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Jack Hannah

Those of you who know me, know how I feel about Jack Hannah. Now Jack has done a lot to promote wild animals. He brings them on talk shows and you get to see a little bit of an animal that you would not get to see otherwise. He does enrich our lives. BUT....

The first time I became disolusioned with Jack Hannah was on the Tonight Show. He was showing some type of monkey. Unfortunately, the cutie chose just that time to relieve himself. Yeah. He peed on Jack Hannah.

Now when you work with animals, it should not surprise you when the animal relieves itself. Hardly anyone in the family has not had Roger or Blanket relieve themselves when being held. It is sort-of an editorial comment. You know.... Put Me Down NOW!!

Well, tonight Jack Hannah was on Letterman. First, he brought out a baby porcupine, and gave Letterman some dead crickets to feed it. It was not hungry and Letterman got poked by the quills. then Letterman brought out this bird, a crane I think. The assistant put food on the desk so that it would land on the desk. Then Hannah gave Letterman some food in his hand to feed the bird. And the bird pecked the hand instead of the food, spilling it all over the desk. Needless to say, anyone who has been pecked knows that HURTS. Last was a cat, I cannot remember what kind. They brought out a milk bottle for the cat, but he wanted the crickets, probably because their natural food is bugs. So the cat is scratching at Letterman, probably quite hard, as cats will do.

Then Jack Hannah was calling for another animal, but Letterman called for a break, saying there were no more animals. Hannah was trying to explain that there were more animals to come out, but Letterman would have nothing of it. Hannah was given the bums rush.


Marqueta said...

What a funny post! I would've loved to have seen David Letterman disgruntled :) !

Thanks for coming by my place.

Blessings to you,


moecleo said...

Hannah is such a pushy winer. He drives me nuts. Next time you might want to mention that Rodger is a turtle and Blanket is a lizard.