Sunday, June 7, 2009


Lish 1

If you remember, my niece, Alicia, is getting married.  Her mother is a single Mom, so I want to help if I can.  Well, I have agreed to help with the decorations at the Wedding. I need to call Alicia and get all of her specs about what she wants, etc., what colors she thinks to include, etc. Can you say Answer Your Phone…

Mom is making the dress and it will be beautiful.  She was stressing because she wanted to have a fitting and SOMEONE was not answering her phone.  I told her that after dark on Saturday night was SUNDAY and that she should not be sewing.  It was rest time. I don’t think she took my word though. I’ll bet she kept working.  She IS like that.

Oh yeah….. I think I have volunteered Christine and I to do the decorations. I probably should call her before she gets a chance to look at this.  Or she will get a big surprise.

We are also planning a Bridal Shower for Lish.

Can you say… “What were you thinking”  No, just kidding. I am looking forward to the entire summer.


Christine said...

I think you also volunteered Sharon since she will be staying with me!!! I was already planning to help. No problem!


moecleo said...

I though Sharon was staying at Alice's house?