Friday, January 9, 2009


Today I baked bread. After being without bread for 4 days I decided it was time. So I did it. And it turned out great. I also made some hamburger buns. We had terriffic hamburgers with zucchini sticks for dinner. The zucchini is cut in half, then in wedges, sprayed with cooking spray and then sprinkled with season salt. They are a wonderful low calorie addition to your meal.

After dinner we watched the Hallmark movie "Nanny Express" starring Dean Stockwell and "Sam" from Vegas. It is about a widower with a teenage daughter and a younger son. He hires nannies to be with the kids, but the kids do not want anyone so they drive the nannies off. First they put too much soap in the washer and ends up with soap suds everywhere. Then they put the pet rat in the dresser drawer. But she won't give up, she needs the job too much. We have not finished the movie yet, but so far it is great.

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