Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gingerbread Christmas

This is my Gingerbread Tree. Before we moved north and Alice moved to Idaho we quite often would do a “Door” for the “Festival of Trees” to support Primary Children’s Hospital.
Remembering the fun that we had preparing those Gingerbread wreaths, I decided to have a Gingerbread Christmas.
This was the start of a quiet Christmas for us. I made lots of small, medium and large gingerbread men. First thing was to decorate the tree, so I tied yellow ribbon from each gingerbread man and hung them on the tree. A few days later I decided that some of them needed to be decorated, so off came the large gingerbread men. I decorated some with blue overalls and some with ruffles. They all had blue eyes but I did not manage to give any of them a mouth. I was going to put buttons on the medium gingerbread men, but that never happened. It seemed to be missing something, so downstairs for the Candy Canes I went, which gave it the finishing touch I liked. It ended up wonderful, except the white lights were too bright so we spent most of the Christmas with the lights off. It was wonderful. It was the perfect tree for a perfect Christmas.

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