Wednesday, January 28, 2009


This is my Grandparents...
Ray Rasmussen and Alverta Rasmussen.
This is how I remember my Grandparents.
My Grandpa was a farmer. Every summer I would go to Sublette, where they lived, and spend several weeks. I always wanted to stretch the stay out as long as I could. I remember once incident where I, for some reason, decided I need to go home on a 4:00 am bus. (Yes, I was a rotten kid sometimes)
The thing that I remember most about the situation is that Grandma had to hunt to find an alarm clock to get us up that early, and then she had to set the alarm to make sure that it worked. Here they were, 60 years old, and did not have a need for an alarm clock. My goal is to never need an alarm clock.

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