Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I was watching Studio 5 on KSL this morning and they had a wonderful spot that I want to share.

I think my favorite hint is the heart made out of candy canes. Others are:

• Frost cupcake with red or pink icing. Cover the top with a cornelli lace decorating technique. This technique is a freehand random lacy design made using a small round piping tip and white icing. For detailed instructions go to:

• Wrap some cloth wrapped wire or pipe cleaner around a pencil to curl. Glue on tiny punched hearts to one end of the wire. Insert into cupcake to make it look like hearts springing out.

• Place cupcakes in a second liner after baking to create a prettier presentation.

• To make unique and fancy chocolate garnishes, melt chocolate (white or regular) and place in a pastry bag with a round tip. Pipe shapes, initials or scrolls onto wax paper and let harden. Use as a garnish.

• A cute Valentine train cupcake idea with video tutorial is found at:

• Create and place items that go with fun Valentine sayings, for example create peanut butter bees and place on a cupcake with a little flag on a toothpick that says "bee mine."

• Give cupcakes in a simple box. One cupcake in a pretty box tied with a ribbon would be a nice gift. On yesterday's show there were instructions on making a box out of cardstock. Check it out.

• Remember that cupcake cakes are easy to make and a heart shape works very well. See this link:

• At the end of the show she was suggesting her favorite sites. Of course, she mentioned the Wilton decorating. One of her favorite resources is, an online store. They have cupcake picks and embellishments. They also have cupcake wrappers for any holiday or party.

• She also recommended a blog she found a blog: that she loves and I want to share with you.

Happy Baking


Christine said...

I love this. I'm going to go see the boxes. On Martha Stewart the other day, she had a guest making cupcakes in those tissue looking papers. She used colored parchment paper and sprayed with a little PAM. I think I might make some cupcakes and boxes and take them to people next week.

Christine said...

Ok - I just left a note on your blog and it didn't take. I love the cupcake ideas. I bookmarked the fancyflours website. I'm going to take a look at the box making. I think I'll make cupcakes and boxes next week and take them to everybody. I wish you were close enough to get one.

Christine said...

ok - now I realize that you have to approve messages. Oh well.

Christine said...

I got to the cupcakes take the cake blog. I cut and pasted yours and there is a typo. You can delete these posts if you want.