Saturday, February 14, 2009

Finger steaks

First of all. I am from Boise. The home of the famous finger steaks. I have been eating finger steaks all of my life. I remember finger steaks from before the third grade.

For Christmas one year, too many years ago, I asked for a deep fat fryer. Way too many years ago. And I know just how much work it is to make this feast so I kept putting it off.

This week I decided to make finger steaks to celebrate Valentine’s day. Of course, by the end of the day I nearly chickened out.

A word to the wise… If your oil smells funny it probably has gone rancid. DO NOT USE IT. Besides that, you have to start all over. Oil does not keep forever.

So I cut up the steak - beautiful T-bone steaks. Then I peeled potatoes and cut them into French fries. Then the onion slices. And of course, no Bisquick for the batter. So Dell & Trish had to go to the grocery store. Aren’t husbands wonderful?

While they were gone I dipped the hot oil out of the deep fat fryer. Did not realize just how much oil fits in such a little thing. Probably 2 quarts. And it is really hot, so my glass measuring cup, glass bowl and soup mug are waiting to cool.

So to work I go. First I cook the meat. Then the onion rings. Then the French fries.
So here it is. A batch of fry sauce and off we go. They are wonderful. I am not quite sure why, but I got a lot of crumbs, which I never got before. If anyone can make a suggestion of what I could do different, it would be great.

Christine gave me a hard time about not leaving a recipe when I do something like this, but there really isn’t much of a recipe. You just make a batter out of Bisquick similar to pancake bagtter, then dip the steak strips and onion rings and fry. It is best if you use good steaks. I used T-bone today. I also bought the marked-down mean, since aged is always more tender.

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Christine said...

Yum! Did you know the Torch is now a strip club?1?