Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Snow, Beautiful Snow

When I got up this morning I thought the weather was great. WRONG.

Here is Bear. I think he is looking for Midnight, his neighbor.

When he first went outside this morning, there was barely a skiff of snow.

Yes, that is snow all over his back.

Here is our car

And here is our pickup

And my backyard

I know it is still February, but I was really hoping that the snow was over. So here we are. Never ending snow.



Marianne said...

Hi, Rose!
Thank you so much for writing about the Hawaiian on my blog! I really appreciate that! I really enjoyed reading through your blog. I found out that Christine is your sister, I am now inspired to bake bread which I haven't done for a very long time, and I loved the Studio 5 video about journaling! I have been trying to write more stories about my life and my kids and my ancestors. That video had a lot of great tips! Thanks so much and have a good day!

moecleo said...

Ypu have a lot more snow than I do. I love that snow dog. He looks so intent and serious watching the world.