Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hudson Hawk

I just watched this movie online from Netflix. Although it is rated R for definite "F" language,and I will never understand the need to color such a fun film, this is a delightful, funny, campy film done with full tongue-in-cheek effort.

For those who can ignore the "F" phrase about ever 10-15 minutes, it is a delightful film. Unfortunately most will miss this fun film because the filmmakers chose to target a different audience. Too bad.

Guess I should make it more clear. There was lots of "FU" and "MF" using the *uck word that everyone knows but very few people actually use. It is such a shame to take such a wonderful movie and ruine it with that phrase. Imagine Bruce Willis skipping and singing along. It was fun.


moecleo said...

Did you time the swearing?

Rose said...

Yeah. I added another paragraph.