Saturday, March 21, 2009

I just saw some film of our last big snowfall. This was taken in Logan, Utah, just east of me. And they did have more snow that I did, about 4 inches. This is the blog of Laura, a friend of Trish.

Her blog is Click on the video of her husband and wait. It is priceless. You will want to watch them all.

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Christine said...

A huge rainstorm came through here about an hour ago. Be ready for it tomorrow!!! hehe

Go check out my blog. I have pictures of Katrina's party. Mom didn't give me the book to put the stuff on for Scott's party. I brought it back home and I'll try to work on it tomorrow. I can give it to Mom to give to Alice to give to Katrina. Alice sees Katrina the most.

Talk to ya later.