Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Is Winter Gone??

This is my front porch. The snow had been falling all day.

This really isn't a big bush. Rather, it is one of those tall, narrow trees that sit next to the porch. Although it is a bit overgrown, it usually does not block the stairs.

Here is my neighbor across the street's car. And the street.

The snowploy had made a couple of passes on the street so you can see some tracks, but it was not really clear.

And this is Bear, the best dog in the world.

He just oves sitting and watching the world

And here is my big, beautiful back yard. It looks so wonderful with snow covering everything.


stROZze said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog. Do keep visiting as I will post more entries about Vietnam and more pictures too.. I like your winter pictures, remind me of Narnia.. :)

Rose said...

Hope you enjoy my blog. I mainly stay in Utah and Idaho. I will be posting more pictures so you can see what my countryside looks like too.

The snow only lasted for a day before it started to melt away, although last winter we had snow like that and it lasted for about a week.

Putz said...

say hello to mike and laura for me, and of course i love little josh and andy, forgoy your connection to laura