Wednesday, January 28, 2009


This is my Grandparents...
Ray Rasmussen and Alverta Rasmussen.
This is how I remember my Grandparents.
My Grandpa was a farmer. Every summer I would go to Sublette, where they lived, and spend several weeks. I always wanted to stretch the stay out as long as I could. I remember once incident where I, for some reason, decided I need to go home on a 4:00 am bus. (Yes, I was a rotten kid sometimes)
The thing that I remember most about the situation is that Grandma had to hunt to find an alarm clock to get us up that early, and then she had to set the alarm to make sure that it worked. Here they were, 60 years old, and did not have a need for an alarm clock. My goal is to never need an alarm clock.


One of the best memories I have of my grandparents is the milking. My grandfather had milk cows. In the morning and in the evening he had to milk thes cows, now matter the season or weather. Of course, I rarely make the trip out to the barn in the morning. In fact, I do not remember ever getting up early enough to be there when he was still milking. But nighttime was another thing. It was great fun to go out and and watch.

The barn was long and narrow. Along one wall was the stalls where the cows stood and along the other wall there were hooks where the milk cans hung. There was a funnel with a filter that Grandpa would put hay and grain into the manger for each cow. He would go to the door and call out the name of each cow. They all had their turn and would come when called. Rarely did he have to go out and get one.
For us kids it was kind of scary when the kids. When the cow would come in we would have to sit on the milk cans to be out of the way. I think we made ourselves more scared than it really was. In retrospect, those cows did not want to run into us any more than we wanted to be stepped on. Grandpa probably told us to get on the cans so that we would not block the walkway.
One of my favorite memories was the cats. Grandpa always had barn cats. Unfortunately they were also wild, or mostly wild. But kids are persistent and eventually we would find one that would let us carry or pet them.
When he was milking Grandpa would put milk out for the cats. Sometimes they would approach as he was starting to milk the cows. My grandpa had a great sense of humor. He could always find the humor in a situation.
When the cat would approach and we were there, Grandpa would shoot milk out of the cow onto the cat. Rarely did the cat run. Usually it just stood there, getting wet, and cleaning themselves off. Just picture a little cat, sprayed with milk, and cleaning themselves off. It was great.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I saw this episode on Studio 5, a local TV program, and it was so great about journaling, which is what I want to improve, so I have added it here. Now I will not loose it and it will remind me constantly.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Glitter Words
[ - *Glitter Words*]

Today I am grateful for:

Christine. She is my sister. She came down this week for a followup visit with her doctors at the U of U Medical Center. She is 1 year 6 months post transplant surgery. And she is doing wonderful. It is so wonderful to see her healthy and able to do the things she enjoys.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Today we needed bread. Christine was coming for the week and we had only one slice. So I decided to bake an extra huge batch so we would not run out. Unfortunately.

So I made 3 loaves of bread, a pan of rolls and a pan of hamburger buns, which I thought would last us the weekend.

Unfortunately I filled the pans a little full and they overflowed. Last time they were not large enough to fill the pans. This time they are too big to fit in the toaster. Oh well.... Toast only adds pounds.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Today we made Tamales.
My neighbor, Kathy, stopped by this morning about 8:30 to let me know that there was a class teaching about tamales. I had told her that I was interested last summer and she remembered. Of course, I invited Trish so we were just a little late.
There were a lot of ladies there and it was great. She had a video on how to make the tamales. It explained how to spread the masa onto the corn husks, then add the filling and roll them. We each got a baker's dozen.
When I got home I got to try out my new steam cold pack canner. It worked great. I stacked the tamales on the rack long-cabin style and steam it for an hour.
They tasted wonderful. We have found a new thing to have for dinner. I was afraid it would be too spicy for Dell but it was not. You have got to give them a try.

Friday, January 9, 2009


Today I baked bread. After being without bread for 4 days I decided it was time. So I did it. And it turned out great. I also made some hamburger buns. We had terriffic hamburgers with zucchini sticks for dinner. The zucchini is cut in half, then in wedges, sprayed with cooking spray and then sprinkled with season salt. They are a wonderful low calorie addition to your meal.

After dinner we watched the Hallmark movie "Nanny Express" starring Dean Stockwell and "Sam" from Vegas. It is about a widower with a teenage daughter and a younger son. He hires nannies to be with the kids, but the kids do not want anyone so they drive the nannies off. First they put too much soap in the washer and ends up with soap suds everywhere. Then they put the pet rat in the dresser drawer. But she won't give up, she needs the job too much. We have not finished the movie yet, but so far it is great.
Glitter Words
[ - *Glitter Words*]

Today I am grateful for chocolate milk. During the Christmas holidays the grocery store had chocolate milk for 20 cents a bottle. So I bought 2, 1 for me and 1 for my daughter. Now I wish I had bought more.

Yesterday I finally drank my bottle. It was wonderful. It has been so long since I have drank chocolate milk that I had forgotten how good it is.

So go get yourself something that you have not had in a long time. Let yourself enjoy it again. It will lift your life and give you the joy you desire and deserve.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday

I was listening to Oprah today, only it was a show from last week. The topic was happiness.

One of the visitors had a fun name for every day, like Terrific Tuesday. I decided this was a wonderful way to start each day. The New Year's weekend was wonderful. Partly because whenever something was said or something happened that made me sad, I simply told myself "I am not going to let you ruin my holiday. And it worked.

The Secret says that if you are positive and only talk about what you want as if you already have it, it will come to you. And I am convinced it works that way. Not because of what was in the book or was on the DVD, but because it has worked in my life in the past.

Today was Wonderful Wednesday because it was not snowing for the first time this week. The sun was out and it was 40 degrees. How could you not have a good day with weather like that.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Here is my Tree!! Isn't it great. It was the beginning of a wonderful Christmas. I could not have asked for anything better.

Gingerbread Christmas

This is my Gingerbread Tree. Before we moved north and Alice moved to Idaho we quite often would do a “Door” for the “Festival of Trees” to support Primary Children’s Hospital.
Remembering the fun that we had preparing those Gingerbread wreaths, I decided to have a Gingerbread Christmas.
This was the start of a quiet Christmas for us. I made lots of small, medium and large gingerbread men. First thing was to decorate the tree, so I tied yellow ribbon from each gingerbread man and hung them on the tree. A few days later I decided that some of them needed to be decorated, so off came the large gingerbread men. I decorated some with blue overalls and some with ruffles. They all had blue eyes but I did not manage to give any of them a mouth. I was going to put buttons on the medium gingerbread men, but that never happened. It seemed to be missing something, so downstairs for the Candy Canes I went, which gave it the finishing touch I liked. It ended up wonderful, except the white lights were too bright so we spent most of the Christmas with the lights off. It was wonderful. It was the perfect tree for a perfect Christmas.